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Design Project: Real Time Wargames

Real Time Wargames Logo Design

Project Goals

  • Establish brand identity for the company that fits in with the existing market but stands out visually
  • Create consistent unifying visuals for the game products while allowing for each game set to be visually distinct
  • Come up with clever design solutions to assist in solving issues relating to the game UX — especially the card system.

Real Time Wargames is a tabletop strategy game wherein players take part in historical wars using a mix of model-based combat and tactical card campaigns on an accompanying playsheet. The creators needed an attractive, thematically appropriate brand execution that would cover all future campaign releases. The initial campaign, Dell’Arte della Guerra, was set in the Late Renaissance.

Real Time Wargames Rulesheet Design Real Time Wargames Card Design

The primary deliverables were a set of brand materials for the whole game range (Real Time Wargames), a rulebook, numerous types and sizes of playing cards/unit counters, some game assistance sheets and a folding campaign board.

The accompanying sheets and large rulebook all contained huge amounts of info, so I had to exercise extremely careful typography to make it all fit and retain legibility, as well as leaving suitable margin room for notes and labelling.

I utilised period-specific artwork sourced from museums that had released the copyright in order to enhance the overall visual theme, particularly on the Objective cards.

This project was worked on as part of Webber Design.

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