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Design Project: The Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley Poster Design

The Hidden Valley is a youth opera project created and directed by Webber Design client OperaSonic. It follows the story of Dewi, who enters into a Hidden Valley and falls in love with the river princess Ariene and her father…After being cursed, Ariene turns into a different animal each year, and he spends his life searching to find Ariene once again to break the spell.

The Hidden Valley initial sketches

While only a minor project, it was one I thoroughly enjoyed as I got the opportunity to try digital painting, something I had been interested in doing for a while. During the conceptualisation phase, I really wanted to “hide” something visual in there, in the vein of Olly Moss’ clever illustrations. In the end, I chose to have a dramatic vista of the mountains of the valleys bathed in light — With the “hidden” element being a gestalt crow, the bird that Ariene becomes first (and the narrator of the opera).

This project was worked on as part of Webber Design.

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