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Design Project: The London School of Public Relations

LSPR Logo Design

Project Goals

  • Revamp the logo and branding suite to reflect the modernised approach of the business
  • Create an identity that was distinct and consistent, improving the recognition of their brand
  • Allow for easy-to-implement graphic systems for their staff to make use of in internal materials and external promotional campaigns
  • Redesign their overcomplicated website to improve conversions and reduce workload on their end
  • Work with them to trim excess pages and content, improving UX in terms of user journeys
  • Help present them as more dynamic and personal as they tailor courses to smaller groups rather than large classes with a strict, formulaic curriculum
  • Bring their PR & business improvement consultancy to the forefront, equal to the training services

The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) is an Aldgate-based pubic relations, influence and brand management school established in 1992 as part of the David Game College Group. It offers training and consultation for businesses and individuals and operates in the UK and abroad.

LSPR Website and UX Design

I made sure to account for the problems they faced previously: Overuse of clichéd stock photos and lack of skills to edit their own content easily. By creating these clean, striking text blocks combined with rich colour and patterns, I solved the issues.

Part of their new strategy was to become a source of industry tips/suggestions for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Their social media presence was lacking somewhat, so I helped develop this idea into a strategy. Visually, I wanted the big, bold, blue block with useful information and an engagement prompt to become synonymous with LSPR. No more trite stock images to be used!

LSPR Large Format Poster Design

The old LSPR website was awfully complex and a real pain for users to navigate. I set about researching and developing user personas to improve the UX as well as information architecture, then designed the clean, minimal layout to prioritise easy navigation and SEO.

This project was worked on as part of Webber Design.

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