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Design Project: Written in Lights

Written in Lights Logo Design

Project Goals

  • Design an attractive, high-end branding that represents their sought-after services well and allows for greater consistency - Theirs is a high-competition market which their lack of consistent branding hurt them
  • Create a simple website to replace their existing presence. The site would need to be clean, showing off their lovely imagery, with a focus on ease of use for the client and clear cues for their customers (hire for weddings, corporate and events) Develop a suite of stationary, mainly focussed on trade events like wedding fayres.

Written in Lights is a father-daughter team that creates large wooden light-up letters in Cardiff, hiring them out to glowing couples for their weddings, as well as for businesses and events. Despite their gleaming (and growing) reputation, they had a dated website and practically non-existent brand. I was tasked with designing a brand that sparked excitement and shining a light on their business on the web. Shiny.

SCODIX Foil Business Card Design

After numerous pages of sketches trying to come up with something visually interesting, classy but hand-made looking (attempting to push towards the wedding hire), I moved on to the digital development. A few decent concepts had emerged but nothing was clicking. While experimenting with the typography, I tried rotating the “W” around an axis, which resulted in a perfect 5-pointed star thanks to the geometric typeface. Serendipitous indeed! Using a split of the stem I added the radiating rays. If printed with foil-blocking or animated online, this would look particularly lovely.

This project was worked on as part of Webber Design.

Website Design for Written in Lights

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