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Design Project: Sparc

Sparc Core Logo Design

Project Goals

  • Run a series of workshops with the key stakeholders and youth groups, with the aim of teaching them naming and branding basics in order to help create an identity involving them from the ground up
  • Come up with a new name that embodies their values and represents their participants
  • Design a flexible branding suite that unifies their disparate visuals and reflects their participants

Sparc (formerly known as Artworks Valleys Kids) is a youth arts organisation based in the Rhondda valley. It is part of the wider Valleys Kids charity, and is about to celebrate its 20th year of operation. Their primary aim is to provide underpriviledged 6 — 24 year-olds with creative activities within the communities, including theatre, performance, music, writing, digital making and all manner of other things across 5 locations. After 20 years, they were finally looking to rebrand and step out from the shadow of Valleys Kids, but retain their links to the organisation.

Sparc Business Card Design Variants
Sparc Website Design

Rhys Webber and I ran the branding workshops for the staff, volunteers, and youth groups to be involved from the start. By the end, the name was decided upon and I started work on the concepts. After a lot of experimentation, I knew I wanted something organic, rough, and never quite repeatable. Using a Posca pen with low ink, I began creating the shapes by sweeping quickly across the paper. The results had a raw energy to them, like the youths they deal with, and something the founder had wanted to include from the start.

I digitised the outcomes, tidied them up and set about making the mark, as well as various permutations for use across promotional materials/stationery. The result has been extremely well received and will be launched early 2018, ready for the next TATE partnership event/workshop.

This project was worked on as part of Webber Design.

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